Dawnalea has been a lifesaver for me. I love nursing but of course always have tons of questions… she is quick to respond, always gives me as much information as possible, and is super sweet. I would recommend her to anyone, whether yours having trouble breastfeeding or just have questions… she is amazing!
— Sydney Cheyenne Daniel
Dawnalea has been a lifesaver to me and my family this past month since giving birth to my 3rd baby. I had post partum hemorrhaging and she gave me a ton of tips to get my milk to come in with that blood loss. Baby had yeast issues that she helped to identify. Advice and knowledge were also given regarding pain following tongue and lip tie revision and baby finally didn’t cry following feeding with her help. My family is so grateful for this service.
— Lyndsay Smith
This has been my go to with my last child that I successfully nursed for 18 months and also my go to now for a new pregnancy. Dawnalea is amazing! Anytime I reached out with concerns she responded immediately and gave me solid advice. She always eases my fears or concerns. I never have to question what she tells me. She has solid research and information to back up everything she suggests. I trust her completely! I can’t imagine going through pregnancies or breastfeeding without her!
— Leslie Reichert
Dawnalea is simply amazing she helped me so much with my first daughter and we made it about 8 months nursing, but with my second daughter we are fully nursing nothing else and because of Dawnalea I am so confident and sure of my body it’s making my nursing journey amazing and I am truly blessed and thankful that I can call her my friend and have her helping me along the way with my breastfeeding journey. If you need anything or have any questions don’t be afraid to ask she is here to help and I promise you that you will feel so comfortable and confident about your nursing journey after she helps you. I can’t explain what her help has truly meant to me.
— Megan Roeder
I almost had to stop breastfeeding within the first 7 weeks of my son being born. My nipples were bleeding, it was so excruciatingly painful to breastfeed, my son would feed for hours and still he was hungry. I would cry every time I nursed, and worst of all, I realized later son was starving! My son was misdiagnosed of having a lip and tongue tie by all hospital staff directly after birth, 2 lactation consultants, 3 pediatricians and almost by the specialist I went to right before I had my son get the laser procedure. Dawnalea lives 4 hours away from me and diagnosed my son with having a lip and tongue tie through a Facebook mother’s group she started. The laser procedure took about 30 seconds, and I immediately nursed my son afterwards. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe he was getting milk. I didn’t feel any pain or pressure at all. I cried tears of joy. Dawnalea encouraged me not to give up and connected me to resources and other support groups I needed. I made it to a full year of breastfeeding my son because of her.
Later, I had to get back on medication which broke my heart, I wanted to breastfeed my son as long as he wanted but I couldn’t continue with the medication I needed. And again, Dawnalea was there for me. She connected me to groups of local breastmilk donors and I was able to connect with a mother who lived in my area. She had lots of stored breastmilk. I met up with her and she filled 4 grocery bags with bags of frozen breastmilk. It was amazing. I have been so blessed by Dawnalea’s love, encouragement, support and expertise. She is an amazing woman. Passionate in educating other’s and helping strengthen the bond between mother’s and children. She is so supportive, encouraging and resourceful. She is one of the most driven, hard working women I have ever met. I am so blessed to know her.
— Kate Ward


Why Work with a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)?

When you work with an IBCLC like me, you get access to the most up-to-date information on breastfeeding and human lactation, presented in a way that addresses your personal family situation and needs. My goal is to give each and every family the exact tools they need to define and reach their breastfeeding goals. 



To empower families and promote breastfeeding as the biological norm.

I am on my first little boy, and thought I was not producing enough milk, but when I asked my questions, she was so quick to respond and had so many amazing tips that helped me enjoy breastfeeding again rather than getting frustrated! I love breastfeeding but sometimes it can get frustrating, if you need help just ask Lavender Lactation! She is amazing!
— Rachel Elizabeth
Dawnalea is so passionate and knowledgeable regarding all things lactation. I am so grateful for her help and for saving my nursing relationship with my 5 month old. She was able to identify a problem that was missed by 2 pediatricians and another lactation consultant. We knew my daughter had a lip tie but we were not aware of her tongue tie. When I reached out to Dawnalea with questions about lack of weight gain she immediately knew it was related to burning too many calories due to a tie. She referred us to the most perfect specialty dentist and we had the tie revision procedure via laser and my baby is finally gaining weight! I will forever be indebted to her.
— Megan South