How do I stop by baby from biting while nursing?

A nice deep latch is the best way to stop biting. There are many reasons why a baby may bite, but when baby has a deep latch, the tongue covers bottom gumlime/teeth and biting should not occur. The deep latch also brings in areola tissue and again makes it difficult. I’ve seen biting with teething and distraction. When baby bites, promptly remove baby and relatch with a deep latch. Some moms find it effective to say “no” firmly, remove baby and then re-latch. Around 4 months most babies start to be very interested in the world around them. They can look around with your nipple in their mouth, quickly giving you “niplash.” Be sure if baby is distracted that you also unlatch baby. If baby is teething or you suspect teething, a cool frozen towel, cool teether or nice bath can help.

Dawnalea Robinson