What is the best position for breastfeeding?

I am often asked “What is the best position for breastfeeding?” There are many variables that go into determining which position is best for baby and mama together. You work in partnership to have a comfortable and successful relationship. Success can be determined by pain free nursing, duration of goals, wet diapers, weight gain and many other outcomes.

Some of my favorite positions for newborns are the football hold and the biological nurturing position (laid back breastfeeding). In the foot ball hold, baby is wrapped around moms side and the head is well supported in moms hand. Think of holding a football in the nook of your arm. The baby is brought to the closest breast to latch. In biological nurturing, mom is in a reclined position and baby is on moms chest, skin to skin. This is the position that best allows baby to self attach. You may have seen some of these videos floating around. Babies are indeed made to breastfeed. The reclined position is also good for times of oversupply. This position may take some trial and error like most.

Your baby will nurse happily when both you and baby are comfortable.