Breastfeeding and the Professional Village

Breastfeeding can sometimes need a multidisciplinary team. You may have heard the phrase “it takes a village” and at times that is true when challenges arise.

I am often asked about who I refer to for this that or the other. I have found that breastfeeding success is important to many providers, not just the family. I work closely with a few in the Nashville area and wanted to recognize them in this blog post for the superior work they do to help support the biological norm.

Nashville Area Providers:

Bodywork and Doula Services: Kimberly Payne, LMT

Pediatric and Perinatal Chiropractic: Dr.Kristin Walkerwicz

Preferred Provider: lip and tongue tie (frenectomy): Dr. Paige Prather

Experienced Frenectomy providers worldwide:

Dawnalea Robinson